Contact Nurses, Doctors, and Staff Instantly

Make communication quickly and efficiently

Widely use in emergency rooms, admissions, radiology, pharmacies, labs

Feature product

Hospital paging system from witop can help stuff communicate much more efficiency. Doctors or nurse can be contact directly, and at the same time, increase patients satisfaction.

Alphanumeric pager W09N

Pocsag 137-970Mhz

4-8 line display

Alpha watch pager W09W

Pocsag 137-970 Mhz

4-8 line display

3 in 1 transmitter

Pocsag  402-470MHz

Output: 2W max

Compatible and flexible

Witop doctor pager can also work with transmitter from other paging supplier. 

Just make sure your previous system is Pocsag, and confirm the frequency, baudrate and other data detail .

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Why are hospital pagers still alive?

Hospital Pager

Hospital pagers are simple devices that are used to send personal messages. With the increasing infrastructure networks that integrate business today, you might think that there would be no need to call the system 'old fashioned' in the current environment. The truth is that these computer networks are increasingly involved and provide better communication than you can rely upon on.

Hospital Pagers and paging systems are wireless communication solutions for receiving short messages in a confined space, without the need for a mobile phone. These devices have been used in business for decades and remain a reliable way to contact staff and colleagues.

Products and Application of Hospital Pager

Cell phones can be a problem for health care providers as most mobile phones are readily available with cameras and widely popular smartphones are also able to send photos, e-mails, and other documents via e-mail unencrypted mail and other messages.

Hospital pagers are the solution for medical services and facilities to limit the use of cell phone use and offer a safer means of communication particularly when development policies that do not allow cell phones in the rooms and in places where confidential customer information is optional. Also, in order to continue to maintain reliable and efficient communication with suppliers, the logical response to the problems faced by providers is the use of a hospital pager.

Paging systems have a high power transmission of up to 3500W of adequate power, while typical cellular systems have a power of 100 watts. Besides, a simultaneously broadcast network works from the locator allowing simultaneous delivery of radio signals from several transmitters which provide a greater coverage area and better penetration of the building compared to other technologies. This is an important feature, specifically in hospitals and accommodation where cell phone signals are not accessible.

Benefits of Hospital Pagers

• Unlike mobile phones, hospital pagers are reliable. Pagers without the need for electricity is necessary functionality because it has no battery requirements like the cell phones. Cell phones will not work without a charged battery and new smartphones have very limited battery life usually due to the complexity and number of applications running on them. Pagers, in contrast, operate with standard batteries and have a service life of about a year. This shows that doctor’s pagers are more reliable than a cell phone.

• In comparison, the type of cell networks allocates one channel in one transmitter to the mobile terminal at the lower range, and then relies on the system to "hand off" the call to the second tower, if there is a free channel and not overloaded. Call systems can efficiently prioritize and block or limit the users who are not automatically in a critical period in which it is essential that users have access to an emergency call.

• The pager is still the best way of communicating with medical services, emergency services and personnel with access to confidential information and patient records. In addition to ensuring the confidentiality and HIPAA compliance, pagers are more reliable; they do not interfere with medical equipment and are implicitly safe.

Why a Pager Is a Must for Medical Organizations

Hospital pagers provide relevant and necessary health information for suppliers and employees. Trackers are more reliable and trustworthy, especially in critical and emergency situations. Finally, the protection of privacy in this time of high-speed technology is the responsibility of all services and facilities. Ironically, the way to provide this protection is the restoration of the environment, safe and reliable tried and trusted communication, the pager. Failure to do so leaves the plant, vendor and patient exposed to the leak of confidential information. Pagers should be a consideration for all medical services and facilities.

So, if we step back for a moment and think about the real problems with business communication it is typically the complexity of networks. For now these networks are here to stay. And it is easily integrated a system that eliminates the twenty different technologies and replaces them with just a simple display - available from almost anywhere. Now, a resourceful firm has proven a "networked paging system" for the medical organizations.

Consider the product a little more and then it becomes a little clearer why hospitals should take into account that in fact the result as a solution for their communications with clients and staff alike. First, the system works on the existing network infrastructure, Linux, Windows or Apple makes you any different. It consists of a "Server" component, and the "server" can connect to any client with a simple Internet browser - and most are compatible.

The system uses a kind of "family" transmitters, and because it is aware of its position within the organization, the hospital pager only sites workers from a nearby transmitter - eliminating the biggest problem of any company pager.

So the next time someone tells you 'hey these monitoring systems are long out of date’ - you do not need to argue. We are only taking into account what the system has to offer in this particular use case of a hospital.

For a fast response that is safe, efficient, and reliable, there is no better option than a pager. They are extremely reliable devices, durable and dependable. The apparatus (pager) has time and time again proven itself as the leader in emergency communication. Furthermore, whenever all communication devices fail or are out of network coverage, the pager will always be working to ensure that doctors and all medical staff can remain connected. Therefore, the hospital pager is a must for every medical organization.